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Penryn College does not have an exclusive academic admissions policy, and scholars are admitted to Grade 8 and by extension to Grade 10, if in our opinion they will be able to pass their Grade 12 assessments. This allows us to follow the dictates of our Mission where we encourage scholars to achieve individual academic excellence. This we believe enables each and every one to be globally effective. In concentrating on perseverance and hard work, and expecting scholars to give of their best we believe we allow scholars to leave us and achieve according to their wishes when they leave us to further their studies in tertiary education structures.

Senior Phase scholars are taught in an innovative yet rigorous academic environment that demands of each individual that they do their best in order to leave school with the best possible marks. We are also committed to continually develop and refine the education we offer to our scholars, and use a variety of teaching and learning approaches and techniques, including group work, individual teaching and research. An ongoing evaluation of our educational theories and systems is something Penryn College undertakes in order to ensure that we remain at the forefront of this development. This is undertaken by scholars who evaluate their teachers on a continual basis and by College management. The College is wholly committed to providing its scholars with a dynamic, individualised education that will equip them to meet the challenges that lie ahead in the 21st century.

The assessment of scholars is both formative (consisting of a portfolio of work that comprises the year's work) and summative (consisting of a middle of the year and end of the year examination). Scholars are required to do homework in all areas. Subject assesments and programmes available on the intranet – click here for more info.

Using this formula our scholars have achieved a 100% pass rate since our first year in 1998.

Grade 10 - 12 scholars write the National Senior Certificate (NSC) that is set by the Independent Examinations Board Accordingly the subjects on offer at Penryn are:

Compulsory Subjects:
• English (Home Language)
• 1st Additional Language (Afrikaans or siSwati for South African citizens,
immigrants have a further choice of French or Portuguese)
• Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
• Life Orientation (Life Skills and Divinity)

Optional Subjects – (any three of the following):
• Accounting
• Business Studies
• Dramatic Arts
• Geography
• History
• Information Technology or Computer Applications Technology
• Life Science
• Physical Science
• Visual Arts
• Music

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