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Headmaster's Welcome

Welcome to Penryn College’s website

Penryn is an independent, co-educational, Methodist school situated in a tranquil bushveld setting between Nelspruit and White River that provides outstanding education from Preschool to Grade 12.

Our warm, friendly and stimulating environment creates the opportunity for each of our children to thrive and develop into confident young adults with a passion for life.

Penryn is an innovative school with a proven track record of nurturing the intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional well being of our scholars.  Our scholars are challenged to step beyond their comfort zones in order to develop into strong, independent minded, responsible global citizens.

We invite you to pay a visit to our beautiful campus and to experience the ambience that makes this such a special place for scholars, staff, parents and the Lowveld community.

Christian Erasmus
Head of College


In the College, scholars (Grades 8 – 12) are taught in an environment that pushes each person to strive for individual academic excellence.

Penryn College does not have an exclusive academic admissions policy, and scholars are admitted to Grade 8 and by extension to Grade 10, if in our opinion they will be able to pass their Grade 12 assessments. This allows us to follow the dictates of our Mission where we encourage scholars to achieve individual academic excellence. This we believe enables each and every one to be globally effective. In concentrating on perseverance and hard work, and expecting scholars to give of their best we believe we allow scholars to leave us and achieve according to their wishes when they leave us to further their studies in tertiary education structures.

Senior Phase scholars are taught in an innovative yet rigorous academic environment that demands of each individual that they do their best in order to leave school with the best possible marks. We are also committed to continually develop and refine the education we offer to our scholars, and use a variety of teaching and learning approaches and techniques, including group work, individual teaching and research. An ongoing evaluation of our educational theories and systems is something Penryn College undertakes in order to ensure that we remain at the forefront of this development. This is undertaken by scholars who evaluate their teachers on a continual basis and by College management.

The College is wholly committed to providing its scholars with a dynamic, individualised education that will equip them to meet the challenges that lie ahead in the 21st century.The assessment of scholars is both formative (consisting of a portfolio of work that comprises the year's work) and summative (consisting of a middle of the year and end of the year examination). Scholars are required to do homework in all areas

Each scholar must choose three of the following subjects:

Accounting (A minimum of 50% is required in Grade 9 Mathematics.)
Business Studies
Computer Applications Technology (CAT)
Dramatic Arts
Information Technology (IT) (A minimum of 50% is required in Grade 9 Mathematics.)
Life Science (Biology)
Music (Already passed at least a Grade 2 music qualification.)
Physical Science (A minimum of 50% is required in Grade 9 Mathematics.)
Sport Science (NEW) (Subject to numbers and only one class available.)
Visual Arts (Art)
English (Home Language) Compulsory
(First Additional Language) Afrikaans / Siswati / French / Portuguese
Maths or Maths Literacy  
Life Orientation Compulsory
Extra Subject (if so desired) AP Maths

Subject Choices

Learning Support

The Academic Support Department helps scholars to overcome academic challenges and work on ways to limit the impact these may have on academic progress.

When scholars learn something new, a complex process with multiple factors is involved. Some scholars experience difficulties when it comes to learning - these difficulties could include reading, writing or other language problems.

The Academic Support Department helps scholars and parents to diagnose these difficulties and then implement strategies to limit the impact of these difficulties on the individual scholar's academic progress. Staff offer support lessons in the afternoon and a dynamic group of peer tutors are trained to assist scholars who are battling. Some scholars are part of an on-line reading programme and others receive individual attention in terms of study skills, organisational skills and time-management.

The Academic Support Department also liases with the school's resident therapists - language and speech therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist etc.


Penryn sport aims to be competitive amongst the top independent schools in South Africa, as well as in local leagues, while encouraging scholars to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

The goal of Penryn Sport is to be competitive amongst the top independent schools in South Africa, as well as in local leagues, while encouraging scholars to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.
In addition to the obvious physical benefits of sport, it is also offered at Penryn to enable scholars to develop their character in the following ways:
• The ability to work in a team,
• The will to win (as opposed to a focus on winning alone),
• The opportunity to succeed, thereby developing self-esteem,
• Achieving a healthy body and mind.

Penryn scholars are required to play a team sport each term. Grades 12s are expected to play a winter team sport, and be fully committed to the sport programme in which they have had a role to play in the years leading up to their Matric year. All scholars practise and play in the regulation schools sports uniform. Participation and excellence in sports are acknowledged in the Penryn Awards Policy. Sports offered are as follows:

First Term:
Athletics club, Swimming, Adventure walking and running and Training for winter team sports
Second Term:
Rugby, Boys & Girls Hockey, Netball, Tennis and Adventure walking and running
Third Term:
Boys & Girls Soccer, Tennis, Boys & Girls Cricket and Inter-house Athletics
Fourth Term:
Tennis, Cross Country, Boys & Girls Cricket, Swimming


Cultural activities find an important niche alongside academics and sport, in order to give every scholar the opportunities to develop as broadly as possible.

Penryn aims to give every scholar the opportunities to develop as broadly as possible. Alongside academics and sport, cultural activities find an important niche. From competitive One Act house plays and choir to ballroom dancing and crazy cards – Penryn scholars are always eager to explore new and creative activities.

The cultural programme at Penryn offers a rich and diverse array of opportunities for involvement and for the enrichment of those who participate. 


All hostels are co-educational, and are characterised by a homely setting, providing support and security.

Boarding at Penryn College offers a unique experience since all hostels are co-educational and siblings can usually be housed in the same building.

Whenever possible, boarders stay in one hostel from Grade 8 to Grade 12, which creates a close-knit setting that provides support and security.  The hostel parent accommodation opens directly into the common room of the hostel and, as a result, a close relationship is established between the boarders and staff members.

There are four weekly hostels accommodating twelve boys and twelve girls each, as well as a termly hostel which accommodates sixteen boys and sixteen girls.  Boarders all have roommates and every room contains a bed, a desk and chair and a bookshelf that acts as a divider. Each of the hostels has its own common room which includes a kitchenette with a microwave oven, fridge, toaster and kettle.  Boarders are provided with fresh milk, bread, condiments and tea and coffee on a daily basis to ensure that nobody goes to bed on an empty stomach.  There is a TV set in each common room and scholars are allowed to watch approved programmes during their free time.

Catering is outsourced to a professional catering firm and all meals are served in the central dining hall.  Scholars with special dietary requirements are catered for if the manager has been informed in writing. 

Parent Information


The development of leadership skills is encouraged. Many opportunities are available to those scholars who aspire to positions of leadership, underpinned by Christian service to others.

The development of leadership skills is an important part of the school’s non-academic programme and several opportunities are available to those scholars who aspire to positions of leadership.  As the school has a strong Christian ethos, the principles of servant leadership underpin all leadership positions.  During August, all scholars and staff members participate in a democratic election to determine the twenty members of the Scholar Executive Committee for the following year.

Leadership opportunities in all grades are encouraged through the election of the Students Representative Council, with elected class representatives from each grade in the College.

The school’s extra-curricular programme is extensive and offers further opportunities to learn and practise leadership skills.  Sports teams elect captains and team managers and various clubs are chaired by scholars from different grades.  The annual inter-house play evening is very popular and the directors – and often even the script writers – are scholars.  Any member of the Penryn community is encouraged to organise events, activities and programmes that enhance the school’s spirit, thereby also providing an opportunity for initiative and leadership.

"My high school studies at Penryn provided me with a solid foundation that had developed me in leadership, culture and sport. I took advantage of all the opportunities that were given to me by Penryn and  coupled with strong Christian principles and morals,  it helped me develop my character.”

- Natasha Ashley, 2015 Mandela-Rhodes scholarship recipient

Read the article about Natasha and another Penryn Alumni, Tessa Ware, that received the prestigious Mandela-Rhodes scholarship in 2015. They were selected out of 5 000 applicants across the continent and are among 50 candidates who have received the scholarship. 

Document resources

Academic and other extension subjects, such as Art, Music, Technology, Computers and Drama are included in the daily timetable.


A list of stationery, as required by each grade, is sent to all parents prior to the commencement of the year.


The uniform shop, which stocks all Penryn school and sports uniform, is conveniently situated on the school premises.


Detailed planning of the calendar takes place a year in advance. Additional information is added each term, particularly for sports fixtures, while weekly newsletters advise of any changes.

PC 2017 schools dates

Admissions and Fees

From time to time, limited positions for scholars become available in the College.

2017 fees at a glance 2017 Fees Booklet

College Staff

Enthusiastic and highly competent teachers and coaches take a personal interest in the life of each child.

Allison Hay

Anita De Villiers

Clotilde Peel

Coenie Breytenbach

Colleen Schurink

Conan Olivier

Elizabeth van der Merwe

Graeme Stewart

Gunther Swart

Hannes Van Den Berg

Helen Ashley

Lot Chambale

Dean Van Der Merwe

Mattie Coetzee

Albert Pienaar

Ilze Coertze

Jaco Carstens

Joanie Whitfield

Joanne Walker

Judy Liebenberg

Laura Scholtz

Leah Taylor

Lenee Stapelberg

Liv Scorgie

Louise Visser

Marieta Pienaar

Trish Ferri

John Richardson

Rob Stone

Michael Doumanis

Michele Booysen

Nicola Joubert

Pam Stuart

Paul Vilar

Penny Carstens

Piet Booysen

Renee Commins

Rev. Michael Stone

Robyn Henderson

Rowena Spratt

Samantha Hardie

Rob Stone
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