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Headmaster's Welcome

A very warm welcome to Penryn’s Foundation Phase

Penryn Foundation Phase  is a school that embraces Holistic Education in its truest form – an education that encompasses all aspects of a child’s development, from Academic, Cultural and Physical, to Social, Emotional and Spiritual.  It is a school that has your child, and every other child, at its very centre, and will ensure that your child leaves the senior primary a well-balanced, full rounded individual who is ready for the challenges of high school education.

Our Foundation Phase (Grade 000  to Grade 3) lay solid foundations for this development, firstly in informal, integrated learning at the preschool and then more formally as they enter the John Lees Foundation Phase for Grades 1 – 3.  The combination of lovely facilities and experienced teachers will ensure that your child is in an environment where they can grow in their abilities.

Penryns Foundation Phase is a family.  We would love for you and your children to feel part of the family.  We want you to be active partners in your child’s  education.  We encourage all our parents to engage with us and to share their excitement and concerns with us.

Above all, thank you for considering us to take your child on this very special part of their educational journey.  The investment you are making today will pay dividends for many years to come.  We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Grant Williams
Head of Penryn Preparatory School (Foundation and Senior Primary Phases)


At Penryn we believe that the importance of developing a child as a whole is key

At Penryn we believe that the importance of developing a child as a whole is key, especially at this age, and our curriculum covers all aspects - cognitive, social, emotional, normative (morals) and physical. Our school aims to develop a trusting relationship between our teachers and your child. 

Another significant part of the Foundation Phase academic curriculum is the development of each child’s English skills, as this is the language through which all our learning takes place.  
Especially at this age it is essential that the curriculum covers all developmental aspects - cognitive, social, emotional, normative (morals) and physical.

Our school aims to develop a trusting relationship between teachers and each child.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support system is a team of qualified and experienced remedial teachers and therapists who, with the class teachers, help to address the needs of children who are facing additional challenges at school.

Once these challenges are recognised, parents, teachers and therapists work together to create a framework of support to meet the needs of the individual child. 
The process is closely monitored by the team co-ordinator who is also a permanent member of staff. 

Penryn’s therapists are independent professionals who work from the school premises for your convenience. 

Penryn offers the following therapies:
• Educational Psychologist – Antoinette Cook/Hannalize Coetzee
• Occupational Therapist – Megan Bense
• Remedial – Ingrid Reynierse
• Speech and Language Therapist – Gillian Scorgie

Kindly note that therapists charge parents directly for their services.


Sport and Culture

A comprehensive and vibrant programme of sporting and cultural activities complements the excellent academic curriculum.


All pupils are given the choice of extra-mural activities at the beginning of each term. It is compulsory for pupils to participate in at least two afternoons per week. Sport runs from 13h15 - 14h15. 
Sport in the Foundation Phase classes is not of an intensive nature, with limited interschool competition. The Foundation Phase pupils are allocated to houses and take part in the Annual Inter-house swimming gala, athletics meeting and netball and soccer festival. They also take part in mini-cricket (boys) and hockey (girls).


Apart from weekly physical education and music lessons, which are an important part of the curriculum, an annual concert is held. Each child participates in this enjoyable event.
Grandparents’ and Special Visitors’ Day is an important date on the school calendar on which a Foundation Phase pupil can host a visitor to a concert and special tea. The Annual Hobbies Week is a highlight of the Foundation Phase Calendar, during which children rotate from class to class for the various creative activities offered.


This facility is privately run by Carol van Rensburg who has been running the Aftercare Centre for the past ten years and has extensive experience with little ones.

Carol has done numerous First Aid training courses and has a passion for working with children. Carol is ably assisted by her team of competent and dynamic assistants.

The Grades 000-R Aftercare is safely situated in the Grade R playground and Grades 1-3 are in the pre-school playground.

Operating hours are Monday to Friday from 13h00 to 17h00 during the school term.

The daily programme makes allowances for activities such as games and outdoor play. There is no Aftercare during the school holidays but a Holiday Club is run at an extra fee.



Detailed planning of the calendar takes place a year in advance. Additional information is added each term, while weekly newsletters advise of any changes.

Calendar - Term 1 - 2018

Admissions and Fees

From time to time, limited positions for children become available in the Foundation Phase. Admission procedures and fees due are as follows.

Helpful information for parents

We know that the task of choosing the right school for your child is important to you. That is why we have prepared a list of 10 Tips for parents when choosing a school.  You can find this list here.

Prep School Staff

Enthusiastic and highly competent teachers and coaches take a personal interest in the life of each child.


Christine Thorpe Grade R

Claire Granville Art

Gerda Smith Grade 2

Alison Pappas - Grade 1

AnneMarie De Wet Grade 3

Pam Fargher Grade 3

Hannerie Strydom Afrikaans & Music Lab

Jenni Gibb Grade 3 Head of Academics Foundation Phase

Lauren McLean Grade 1

   Megan Stephen Grade R

Michelle Slingerland    Grade R

Nicole Meyer Grade 1

  Otty Mnisi Siswati & Phys Ed

Matt Reed Head of Extra Murals

Michelle De Villiers Grade 00

Sally Wakefield Deputy Head Junior Prep Grade 000 to 3

  Tammy Clark Grade 000

Tess Booth    Grade 2

Wendy McKinnon Grade 2

Winnie Mabuza Grade 00

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