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Headmaster's Welcome

A very warm welcome to Penryn Preparatory School

Penryn Senior Primary  is a school that embraces Holistic Education in its truest form – an education that encompasses all aspects of a child’s development, from Academic, Cultural and Physical, to Social, Emotional and Spiritual.  It is a school that has your child, and every other child, at its very centre, and will ensure that your child leaves the senior primary a well-balanced, full rounded individual who is ready for the challenges of high school education.

Our Senior Primary (Grades 4 to 7) builds on the work done in the Foundation Phase, and ensures that each child is fully prepared for high school life.  Here, the integration of subject teaching by specialists in their field ensures that the academic tuition delivered is of the highest standard.  Overnight camps and tours together with academic day outings add variety and “out of school” learning to our curriculum.

Penryn Senior Primary is a family.  We would love for you and your children to feel part of the family.  We want you to be active partners in your child’s  education.  We encourage all our parents to engage with us and to share their excitement and concerns with us.

Above all, thank you for considering us to take your child on this very special part of their educational journey.  The investment you are making today will pay dividends for many years to come.  We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Grant Williams
Head of Penryn Preparatory School (Foundation and Senior Primary Phases)


The Senior Primary Phase academic programme is designed to prepare pupils for the high academic standards expected of them in the College.

Penryn uses the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) as a guideline for the content and skills which are taught, as well as in the evaluation method used.

All pupils are encouraged to participate in other extra-curricular academic activities to further their skill sets; this includes a yearly Science Expo for Grades 5 – 7 and theSASOL Maths Challenge for Grades 4 – 7.  

In the third term of Grade 6, pupils write the International Benchmarking Tests in Mathematics and reading comprehension, which are set by the Australian Council. These tests allow the school to benchmark Penryn pupils’ academic performances aganst those from Australia, England, Singapore, the USA, Sweden and others.  Feedback proves invaluable to enhance future developments in teaching and learning.

Throughout the year, pupils are continually assessed to determine their individual progress, but also to inform teaching and learning so that individual and group goals can be achieved. Our teachers manage all formally assessed tasks; this may include tests, class activities, projects, assignments and oral and media presentations.

As professional educators, with a genuine love for teaching, we aim to give each of our pupils the opportunity to grow in self-confidence, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support system is a team of qualified and experienced remedial teachers and therapists who, with the class teachers, help to address the needs of children who are facing additional challenges at school.

Once these challenges are recognised, parents, teachers and therapists work together to create a framework of support to meet the needs of the individual child. 
The process is closely monitored by the team co-ordinator who is also a permanent member of staff. 

Penryn’s therapists are independent professionals who work from the school premises for your convenience. 

    Penryn offers the following therapies:
    • Educational Psychologist – Antoinette Cook/Hannalize Coetzee
    • Occupational Therapist – Megan Bense
    • Remedial – Ingrid Reynierse
    • Speech and Language Therapist – Gillian Scorgie

    Kindly note that therapists charge parents directly for their services.

    Sport and Culture

    A comprehensive and vibrant programme of sporting and cultural activities complements the excellent academic curriculum.

    In line with the CAPS requirements for Life Skills, Penryn offers a variety of cultural experiences. Each week all pupils attend Art Classes as well as Recorder and Vocal Music lessons. The entire Senior Primary Phase participates in an Annual Musical Production and Drama is an optional extra. Other Extra Lessons offered are: Piano, Flute, Violin, Recorder, Guitar and Drums. Penryn enters the Nelspruit Eisteddfod every year with choirs, solos and drama. There are also opportunities for participation in Chess, Art Competitions and Choir Festivals.


    We as adults need to remember that from the age of about 7 to 10 a child's overriding sporting goal must be to develop physical mastery. Hence, sport for all children at this age must promote the development of physical skills. The emphasis must be on learning the concepts of the game the importance of the different team positions and on how to co-operate with team members. This can be achieved without any emphasis on winning.
    From the ages of 10 to 14, the child's main goal should be to develop friendships and to share experiences with these friends.

    The physical life of each scholar is an integral part of the school programme and Penryn encourages the pupils to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. Physical education is an important part of the curriculum and all scholars are involved on a weekly basis. A natural extension of physical education is involvement in sport, which encourages mental and physical fitness, working together in a team and setting and achieving goals. Sport in the Primary Phase is compulsory.

    The sports coaches, who are mostly teachers, strive to teach the sport rather than to coach it, and it is important for parents to understand this difference. Teaching sport implies an educational approach and is as much concerned with the attitudes, behaviour and values as it is with the acquisition of skills. Teaching is committed to the principle of improving the quality of life and sees sport as a means to this end.

    At Penryn we strive for mass participation particularly in swimming, athletics, soccer and netball. Parents are asked to encourage this active participation, as it is through this type of healthy extramural activity that many negative influences of modern living can be countered.

    All extra-mural activities are indicated on the termly programme drawn up by the Sports Coordinator in consultation with the Deputy Heads. Times and days of extra-mural duties are indicated on the programme. Pupils are given the choice of extra-mural activities at the beginning of each term. It is compulsory for pupils to be involved on at least two afternoons per week. Sport runs from 14h00-15h00 for Senior Primary.

    Houses Bateleur (Red)
    Lanner (Green)
    Osprey (Blue)
    Peregrine (Yellow)
    Family members are usually put into the same house.


    Penryn Senior Primary Phase Aftercare (Grade 4 – 7) is provided by Penryn as a service.

    The Senior Primary Aftercare (Grade 4 – 7) is provided by Penryn as a service where the children have supervised homework sessions. Your child is welcome to join any school activity and then join us later in the afternoon. All children get plenty of play opportunities during the afternoon.

    Operating hours are Monday to Friday strictly from 14h00 to 17h00 during the school term. On the last day of each term and midterm breaks Aftercare will close at 15h00. The daily programme makes allowances for activities such as games and outdoor play. There is no Aftercare during the school holidays.


    The development of leadership skills is encouraged. Many opportunities are available to those scholars who aspire to positions of leadership, underpinned by Christian service to others.

    Servant Leadership is important in the Senior Primary, where Grade 7 pupils are given opportunities to gain leadership skills. After a camp at the start of the year, with a focus on leadership, Grade 7 pupils are recognised for their input throughout the year with various levels of leadership badges.


    Academic and other extension subjects, such as Art, Music, Bible Education, Computers and Physical Education are included in the daily timetable.

    Extra Mural Timetable Term 3 - 2017


    The uniform shop (Shop@Penryn), stocks all Penryn school and sports uniforms, and is conveniently situated on the school premises.


    A list of stationery, as required by each grade, is sent to all parents prior to the commencement of the year.


    Detailed planning of the calendar takes place a year in advance. Additional information is added each term, particularly for sports fixtures, while weekly newsletters advise of any changes.

    Admissions and Fees

    From time to time, limited positions for children become available in the Senior Primary Phase.

    Prep School Staff

    Enthusiastic and highly competent teachers and coaches take a personal interest in the life of each child.

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