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Senior Primary Phase (No Boarding facilities)
The Senior Primary Phase caters for the scholars from Grade 4 to Grade 7 and has the challenging task of laying the foundations to enable each child in its care to enter High School, confident in his/her ability to embark on the rest of his/her journey through life.

It is an accepted fact that in the education of a child it is the period between five and 14 that is the most significant in a child's development to maturity. It is during this time that the child forms the habits of thought and behaviour, and the moral and spiritual values that will affect him or her, for better or worse, throughout life. It is at the preparatory school where a child is taught to recognise personal strengths and weaknesses, which in turn teach a child to overcome or control weak points and help the child achieve full potential.

Today there is an insatiable demand for qualifications, but qualifications alone are not enough. The leaders of society must have been taught to think as well as to learn; they must have well balanced personalities and characters in which determination and confidence are tempered by humility and consideration for others.

The seeds of such qualities are planted at school and they flourish best in the disciplined but happy atmosphere of schools where each child personally feels that he or she is an essential part of the community, and is treated as an individual by people who understand the child's ambitions and difficulties.

The Preparatory School follows the National Curriculum laid down by the Department of Education but has adapted the syllabus to suit our needs and extend the scholars more in preparation for the high academic standards expected of them in High School. The staff holds regular workshops to ensure that at all times our teaching and learning remains relevant.

The scholars are assessed on an ongoing basis both formally and informally and reports are issued twice a year. In addition we have regular parent meeting where the progress of scholars is discussed. Each child is looked at individually and the expectations placed according to their ability.

The Primary Phase provides a rich spectrum of activities carefully arranged and supervised by a totally committed staff. The philosophy of the school is that by providing a full, happy environment, each child is able to develop to the full.

At Penryn we strive to give every scholar the opportunity to grow in self-confidence, enabling him or her to reach his or her dreams for the future.

Art and music form a compulsory part of the curriculum and every child is involved in various dramatic productions throughout the year.

Scholars are encouraged to take part in a number of art competitions as well as enter the various dramatic and music sections of the annual Nelspruit Eisteddfod.

The Senior Primary has a choir, which has excelled in the Eisteddfod. A choir tour has also taken place annually for the past few years.

Support Services
In addition to our full time educational psychologist we also have available Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy and employ a full time Remedial Therapist.

The outstanding achievements of the school, academically, spiritually, physically and culturally, all contribute to the make-up of a Penryn pupil.

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