When you send your child to a Penryn boarding house, you are providing them with the ultimate opportunity to ‘spread their wings’ and set the foundational skills for an enriched and successful future.

Penryn offers boarding from Grades 6-12. Our juniors are welcomed into a nurturing and safe environment that prepares them to embrace their senior leadership opportunities in future years.

In a structured and caring setting, our boarders thrive and invariably mature into capable young people, who integrate well into the boarding house and the wider school community.


Our 5 boarding houses are nestled within our tranquil and picturesque Lowveld campus, and are aptly named after the indigenous trees found on our campus: Kiaat, Marula, Mahogany, Waterberry and Acacia.

Diversity is the cornerstone of the Penryn boarding experience. This melting pot environment is what we believe gives our boarders the best advantage to mature and embrace all of life’s challenges and opportunities.

Our Vision:

To provide a safe, nurturing and homely environment for all of our boarders – equipping them with the skills to adapt in an ever-changing world for a successful future beyond their Penryn years.

Benefits of Boarding:

  • Never miss out on campus events.
  • Easy access to teachers after school.
  • Supervised prep times.
  • A headstart on learning independence & other invaluable lifeskills for their tertiary years.
  • An integrated, family experience, with 3 healthy meals and snacks, daily.

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