Penryn is proud to be the only school in South Africa to offer falconry and one of only three schools in the Southern Africa region to offer this very prestigious sport. Birdlife, in particular, is symbolic of the Penryn story and campus, with the long-crested eagle being represented on our school badge.


As such, our falconry programme, which is now over 16 years old, is not just considered as a sport at Penryn, it is a tradition and a well-respected club.

Falconry is available as a club from Grade 8 and to our College scholars only, with our younger scholars being made well aware of the programme through facilitated interactions with the birds by our programme coordinator and long-time falconer, Mr Steve Van Rensburg.

What does falconry entail?

An accomplished Penryn falconer must have the knowledge and experience to provide his/her bird with the best possible environment, housing, food and equipment, as well as healthcare. The falconer is expected to learn as much as possible about the biological interactions between predator and prey and the approach of sustainable utilisation of wild game species. Every falconer thus becomes an ecologist and an environmentalist with “hands-on” experience.

Penryn falconers are also actively involved in monitoring various raptor species found in the Lowveld.

The advantages of falconry for future careers choices

Most Penryn falconers who study at universities in South Africa have gained acceptance into courses such as zoology and veterinary science. Falconers may also qualify for work at various falconry centres, local and abroad, or register for the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa courses – a stepping stone to apply for studies in zoology and ecology.

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