Music at Penryn has always been a key focus. We believe that music is an integral part of learning – developing better memory and language skills, increasing confidence and improving emotional and social skills.

With the global focus on STEAM education, the Penryn Music Department is central to our holistic offering.

Beyond the proven cognitive benefits of music education, we also see music as a pivotal way to unite our scholars in a way that celebrates their individual diversity and backgrounds. Our dynamic music team infuse energy and unique style of teaching that brings out the best in every scholar.

As part of our extramural offering, our scholars have the option of joining the Junior or Senior phase choirs in the Prep or a vocal ensemble group in the College – focusing on acapella and contemporary style performances.

Often our scholars will be afforded the opportunity to collaborate with our Artreach scholars from surrounding schools. These encounters benefit all of your young musicians and together they create what can only be described as magic.

From the Foundation Phase through College, we also offer marimba, djembe, as well as Christian or Rock band.

Music Lab | Grades 1-3
Our music lab is one of the only of its kind in the country. All of our Foundation phase scholars have the opportunity to learn basic keyboard and music literacy as part of their curriculum and at no extra expense to parents. This is the Penryn way of cultivating a love of music from a very young age.

We also have a comprehensive extramural offering and individual music lessons from Preschool years through to the College, where scholars can choose from a variety of instrumental and vocal training lessons – offered through the Penryn Music Academy.

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