Penryn’s values-based education allows for each child to explore and grow in their spirituality. As a Methodist affiliated and proudly Christian school, Christian values underpins our school ethos and shapes our philosophy of creating a warm and inclusive environment for all of our scholars to mature in their spiritual, moral and emotional journey.

Scholars from all faiths are welcome at Penryn and are not obliged to practice the Christian faith at school.

Our full-time chaplain, Rev. Dr. Moagi Sekhejane, offers counselling in spiritual, moral and ethical issues of our time. Religious instruction in the Methodist faith is also provided and scholars are expected to attend weekly chapel, but are not required to participate in aspects of the service that conflicts with their own values or beliefs. All of our scholars, however, are required at all times to exemplify what we stand for as a school – to be an example of good behaviour, proactive citizenship and excellent moral standards.

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