Visual Arts

Penryn is proud to have produced some of the nations most gifted creative artists, such as the likes of Simon Attwood, who was awarded the Presidential Scholarship for his achievements in visual art, allowing him to study abroad at the School of Art Institute in Chicago.

Our experienced art teachers instruct with a difference. Art at Penryn is viewed as freedom to delve into more than just creativity. We create a space where scholars are free to create through an array of mediums and style – empowering them to express their beliefs about certain social and cultural topics, which is all part of critical thinking.

Our Prep scholars are taught basic techniques, in a warm, vibrant and energetic space that cultivates their creativity through to College years.

At College level, we hone in on technique and theory – giving scholars the opportunity to ‘flex their creative muscle’ in photography, sculpture, print making and various painting styles. Scholars are also given ample opportunity to exhibit at eisteddfods and even travel abroad to learn more about the world of visual art.

Many of our scholars are frequently published in major art publications, including Art Times and The South African Art Magazine. We place a strong emphasis on teaching our scholars the importance of showcasing and selling their work, such as platforming and selling their work on social media, which is a future-fit skill for any aspiring creative.

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